And we had that party, the older kid of the Kids Team is now 5 years old.
After a weekend in Italy to visit the grandparents, on Monday at 16.00 everything was ready. The Pirate themed party needed a big amount of work, at least for this mum’s standards, to be organized and for all the material to be prepared. Let’s face it, in February there’s a tiny chance you could have the party in garten and 8 children + 1 baby in a apartment need something to do, or be ready to have the house demolished.

A treasure hunt is a must in a Pirate Party. Being the children of kindergarten age the hunt was easy and every step had a small game so that they could find the piece of the treasure map, which lead to the next  step and in the end to the treasure, well hidden in a true pirate chest.

Game 1 – move like a crocodile and catch your pirate bandana from the box. The first piece of the map is in the box. The children need to identify the right room for the next step.
Game 2 – Answer some questions (How many pirates have a wooden leg? Who was the scariest pirate?) and find the piece of the map
Game 3 – outiside or inside according to the weather. Throw a boot in the box. When all the boots are finally in the box, look for the piece of the map, it’s hidden in one of the boots.
Game 4 – Everyone put 2 mashmallows in his mouth and speaks as clearly as possible “Ohi Ohi Cap’tain!” This will be filmed. The piece of the map is in the mashmallows pack.
Game 5 find the treasure (it was in the kitchen under many many shopping bags) and share the treasure with the fellow pirates.

A lot of ideas we found on the internet: there is even a website . In this website I found some tipps for the treasure hunt, here (in German). I also looked this one up but I find it a bit too complicated for kindergarten children. For the treasure chest the inspiration was this post, from the website Riciclattoli (Italian)

The cake was a sort of compromise between mum and child – he wanted a pirate ship cake and it was decided to bake a “pirate cake”, with the pirate symbol on it.


The following day,  one child asked “Shall we come again this afternoon for another party?” I guess it means it was quite a success.